Straight Talk About Microsoft Azure Licensing

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Microsoft Azure licensing is Microsoft's cloud computing platform.  Its one of the biggest cloud platforms in the enterprise space but the licensing is very complex and confusing. On this webinar we will cut through the confusion with straight talk and you will learn how Azure licensing works and the pitfalls to avoid! Join Mike

Microsoft SQL Server Myth Busting: Is it still the Budget Database?

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Microsoft SQL Server has historically been known as the budget database in IT circles.  When compared to offerings from Oracle, it was widely and fairly accurately accepted that Microsoft SQL Server was a less expensive database option for many mid-sized organizations. Until a few years ago, it was usually fairly accurate to expect that

1500% Price Increase on SQL Server Licensing?

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We have done a significant amount of work with clients recently preparing them for the changes that Microsoft made to SQL Server licensing.  Contrary to how Microsoft has positioned these changes in the market, most of our clients have faced price increases of 50% to 100% or more on their SQL licensing costs! During the

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