Office 365 Consumption Reports

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Does your organization strive to achieve a consumption based licensing model for your Office 365 environment?  This blog post explains how you can use the Power BI Adoption Preview content pack and the Office 365 Portal to generate Office 365 Consumption Reports that you will need to properly manage your Office 365 environment.  Method

Office Pro Plus Support Change

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Microsoft announces support policy change to Office Pro Plus and the versions that can connect to Office365 Services. You can read up on this announcement here: Wow is all I can say.  Microsoft is really deciding to alienate any customer who decides that they do not want to follow their Office365 train. The gist

Office 365 Reporting – Simple and Insightful Licensing & Usage Reports… or Lack Thereof

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Are you responsible for managing and budgeting your organization’s Microsoft Office 365 footprint?  If so, have you ever found yourself looking for a report, any report, that will help you understand what Office 365 products your organization has subscribed, deployed and are actively being used by each licensed user?  Although the new Office 365 Portal

Office 365 Decision Model – The Only Tool You Need

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Office 365 is one of the first things our clients mention when they talk to us.  Its one of the top concerns or challenges that they have and one of the common things that we hear from them is that they are tired of purchasing software or services that they never use.  In the world

Microsoft Office 365 How Do You Know What You Really Need?

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Office 365 licensing is surrounded by a great deal of confusion.  What is Office 365?  What plan do I require?  Do I require the full suite?  Should I purchase User Subscription Licenses or Add-0ns?  It is no secret that Microsoft is aggressively promoting and selling the service.  The key question to ask is what

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