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A large health care organization was audited by Microsoft and received a finding that they were out of compliance by several million dollars.  They engaged Method 180 and we uncovered mistakes in Microsoft’s audit report and proposed alternative licensing models that dramatically reduced the compliance gap.  Our client saved over $2.4 million immediately.
Healthcare Sector Client

A rapidly growing international engineering firm was facing currency issues and a poorly constructed contract leading into a Microsoft True Up.  Method 180 restructured the true up and addressed the currency issues.   This client reduced their Microsoft SQL Server True Up from $2.5M to $500k.  Savings of $2M
Large International Engineering Firm

An oil and gas Technology Company was being audited by Microsoft and had been presented with a gap of $13M in software compliance.   They engaged Method 180 to assist and we quickly identified inconsistencies in the auditor’s report.  The result was a reduction in their software compliance gap from $13M to $6M. Savings of $7M
Oil and Gas Technology Company

A municipal government was negotiating with Microsoft on their Microsoft EA Renewal and were presented with a renewal of $3M.   This represented a significant increase over what they had budgeted due to pricing increases and the unique structure of their previous contract.   Method 180 helped the client to get the concessions they required in order to reduce the renewal from $3M to $2.1M.  Savings of $900K
Municipal Government

A Call Center Company was audited by Microsoft and the result was a $5.6M gap.  Method 180 was able to demonstrate that the client’s Microsoft entitlements were inefficiently and incorrectly allocated to their devices/users.   The result was a settlement of $1. 3M which represents a savings of $4.3M for our client.
Call Center Company

A large technology company was embarking on a Microsoft EA Renewal when they engaged Method 180.   Method 180 worked with the client on a user profiling exercise and ensured that they only purchased what they needed and not what Microsoft wanted them to but.  The result was a reduction on the EA renewal from $23M to 16M.   Savings of $9M
Large Technology Company

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