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Looking for value from your Oracle Value Added Reseller – Look no further than Method 180

When Method 180 engages with a client about Oracle Licensing, the number one question that we are asked is “I have a direct relationship with Oracle, how do you provide me with any additional value”? Really what our clients are asking us is – does it cost me more to do business with you or do I lose anything from my relationship with Oracle working through you?

These are great questions to ask. Our answer to this is simple. Oracle licensing can be complex and confusing. Utilizing our experience and expertise Method 180 makes the complex simple. As a result of Method 180’s Gold Partnership with Oracle we are able to provide the same pricing as Oracle Direct therefore pricing should never be an impediment to working with a reseller. Your relationship with Oracle should not be negatively impacted at all. Our goal is to enhance it.

Method 180’s value to our customers is as follows:

  1. We are your experts – Method 180 has over 50 years of experience working with Oracle and Oracle License resale. We will help you determine the most efficient licensing model for your deployment plans. We understand the ins and outs of Oracle licensing. Virtualizing your database? We know the impact. Setting up a development environment? We can tell you the best licenses to purchase.
  2. We help articulate your business case to Oracle – Does your business case work? Is the cost of licensing fully understood? Do you require a special deal to make this business case work? We will advocate your needs to Oracle and build a business case to make your project a success.

Method 180 is the trusted source for many organizations when it comes to purchasing Oracle licenses. Our relationships with clients are long-term. We are here to set you up for success today and tomorrow.

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