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Learn how to decrease costs and risks when negotiating with Microsoft by leveraging Method 180 Optimum© – License and Contract Optimization Service

When Method 180 asks customers what rights are associated with their Microsoft Enterprise Agreements, it amazes us how many truly do not know or really understand the inner workings of their contracts.

Most Microsoft customers, simply take what their Microsoft sales or reseller rep told them and take their word on it. Microsoft Enterprise contracts are complex and very complicated. Many of our customers have to spend a large amount of time working with legal departments just to get through the multiple contracts to place a simple order. With every contract change, iteration to the Microsoft Product Use Rights or Microsoft Product List, what you thought you were entitled to may be subject to change.

As a result, most Microsoft customers are actually overbuying, purchasing the wrong licenses, paying more than they need to or exposing themselves to audit risk.

For this reason any Microsoft negotiation, deployment or cost-reduction exercise needs to involve a review of the various Microsoft contracts. Whether it is an Enterprise Agreement Renewal, annual true-up or a net new purchase of Office 365, the first step is to review your contract terms and conditions. Far too often, we see purchasing groups try to negotiate a unit cost and ignore the legal terms or product use rights altogether, leaving millions of dollars on the table and potentially risking being out of licensing compliance.

Method 180 Optimum©

Method 180 Optimum© puts the power in your hands. Its premise is simple – knowing what you don’t need is more important than knowing what you do need. Utilizing 20+ years of experience and our experience negotiating over $1 Billion in software contracts we show you how to extract value and drive costs out of your Microsoft contract negotiations.

Method 180 Optimum© begins with a comprehensive review of your technology deployments, future roadmaps and software contracts. We look at how you purchase, what you are purchasing and review all the programs and terms and conditions of that use. We then build models that outline various cost savings strategies. This is a comprehensive analysis with us providing as many as 5 or 6 different options.

Once the right configuration is made utilizing the most appropriate use rights, we incorporate your unique business requirements into a licensing program that saves you money. Finally, we assist you in building a business case that justifies your decisions to your software vendor. This changes the conversation from what they want you buy to what you need to buy.

Method 180 does not sell Microsoft licenses nor are we affiliated with Microsoft in any way. This allows us to provide you with an unbiased analysis based on your requirements. We also identify any potential risks with your purchase and provide you with the most cost-effective way to mitigate risk and purchase what you need.

Method 180 Optimum© is what drives software licensing savings.

A Method Optimum© engagement provides your organization with the support to :

  • Clearly understand what your contracts allow or do not allow you to do
  • Give you the knowledge to clearly count how many licenses you require and provide guidance on how to manage the annual true up processes
  • Identify multiple purchasing options, outlining risks and costs associated with each option
  • Gain Increased Microsoft licensing knowledge as our experts constantly provide knowledge transfer and training throughout our engagements
  • Teach various IT stakeholders the cost impacts of technology deployment solutions to avoid true up surprises
  • Drive out costs based on unique business requirements

Click here to schedule a free 30-minute consultation with one of our experts to discuss if Method 180 Optimum© can help you.

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