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Who defends you when Microsoft comes knocking to conduct an audit or a software asset management engagement? – Method 180 Assert© Audit Services

Has Microsoft recently contacted you to conduct an Audit? Maybe they are offering to provide you with a free Microsoft Software Asset Management (SAM) service? Or maybe they are simply asking to verify your deployments for your Annual Microsoft Enterprise Agreement True Up?

Are you concerned that this may not be as simple as they are making it sound?

Software audits have become common within the IT Industry. The software vendors have tried numerous different ways to position these as friendly engagements – a way to help you with your asset management practices. The reality is an audit is an audit, no matter the name.

The process can be very time consuming. IT departments that are already running razor thin with staff will often have to dedicate hundreds of hours to answering the numerous requests that are part of the Microsoft audit. Purchasing departments are bogged down in trying to decipher Microsoft license contracts, purchase records and prove entitlements. Finally, those organizations who are lucky enough to have dedicated IT Asset Management resources have them bogged down in trying to reconfigure license findings to piece their IT real estate puzzle back together.

If this all sounds daunting and you’re not sure where to begin, this is where Method 180 Assert© comes to the rescue.

Method 180 Assert ©

Method 180 Assert© is a service that is built to assist you. Utilizing our years of experience with Microsoft audits, we have built a robust audit process that gives you the most comprehensive visibility of your IT deployments. We review all Microsoft deployments, whether they are physical assets or virtual assets and help you determine how best to utilize your licenses. Our unique license analysis process provides a rigid assessment of product use rights and how to optimally assign your licenses. This process is built to assist when you have been engaged in a Microsoft audit or if you want to conduct your own internal self-assessment.

When our clients engage Method 180 Assert© they often reduce the Microsoft audit exposure by greater than 50% compared to what the auditors deemed it to be their findings. We have a team that has a combined 40+ year history of working on Microsoft audits, which has been assembled to assist you through the entire process. The Method 180 Assert© process is designed to make the entire process easier, less time consuming and more accurate. Our methodology provides you with documentation of our findings backed up with appropriate Microsoft contract terms, product use rights or licensing white papers to provide you with a defendable position.

Our clients tell us that they not only saved money but that they also saved time and a whole lot of aggravation with us on their side.

Method 180 Assert© gets results.

A Method 180 Assert© engagement provides your organization with:

Assistance through every stage of the Microsoft audit process.

A review of your Microsoft contacts and purchases to make sure everything is accounted for.

A robust process to ensure Microsoft deployments and licenses are accurately mapped applied in a manner optimal for you use.

Guidance on how to build a response team and how to respond to the various requests from the Microsoft auditor.

A review of Microsoft deployment findings and documented challenges to any questionable findings.

Oversight of the data-gathering process and provide a rapid review of the data before it even goes to Microsoft.

Pre-audit your Microsoft deployments to identify any areas of risk to help you avoid any financial surprises in the findings.

Work with you on an on-going basis after the audit to continue to optimize your Microsoft license allocations and avoid future risk

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