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With customer driven development, executive-user focused functionality, and over a decade of experience delivering Performance Management software and Balanced Scorecard solutions to hundreds of Fortune 2000 and government enterprises, Performancesoft helps high performing organizations: drive strategy at all levels, improve decision making, and ensure better operational performance and execution.

Performancesoft Track is a unified solution that allows users to manage all forms of activities, from high level strategic plans and initiatives, down to operational and functional tasks. Performancesoft Track helps to break down departmental silos, allowing all of your organizations activities to be actively managed from one single solution.
Going beyond to initiate the activities that drive performance improvement, Performancesoft Track allows organizations, departments and individuals to: actively harvest best practices, establish a means of ensuring that activities are followed through to completion, and results are delivered to all stakeholders.

Performancesoft Views is the industry leading, multi-purpose Performance Management solution that supports Dashboarding, Scorecarding, and Performance Management initiatives at all levels of an organization.

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