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Who defends you when Microsoft comes knocking to conduct an audit or a software asset management engagement? – Method 180 Assert© Audit Services

Has Microsoft recently contacted you to conduct an Audit? Maybe they are offering to provide you with a free Microsoft Software Asset Management (SAM) service? Or maybe they are simply asking to verify your deployments for your Annual Microsoft Enterprise Agreement True Up?

Are you concerned that this may not be as simple as they are making it sound? Read More…

Learn how to decrease costs and risks when negotiating with Microsoft by leveraging Method 180 Optimum© – License and Contract Optimization Service

When Method 180 asks customers what rights are associated with their Microsoft Enterprise Agreements, it amazes us how many truly do not know or really understand the inner workings of their contracts.

Most Microsoft customers, simply take what their Microsoft sales or reseller rep told them and take their word on it. Microsoft Enterprise contracts are complex and very complicated. Many of our customers have to spend a large amount of time working with legal departments just to get through the multiple contracts to place a simple order. With every contract change, iteration to the Microsoft Product Use Rights or Microsoft Product List, what you thought you were entitled to may be subject to change. Read More…

Looking for value from your Oracle Value Added Reseller – Look no further than Method 180

When Method 180 engages with a client about Oracle Licensing, the number one question that we are asked is “I have a direct relationship with Oracle, how do you provide me with any additional value”? Really what our clients are asking us is – does it cost me more to do business with you or do I lose anything from my relationship with Oracle working through you? Read More…

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