SAP Indirect Access: Are You At Risk For A $600M Audit Settlement – Webinar Replay

SAP Indirect access is becoming a hot topic as its driving huge audit settlements for SAP.  Anheuser-Busch InBev, one of the world’s largest brewing companies, has notified SEC that SAP claimed “damages potentially in excess of $600m” on the grounds that the former had allergically breached its software license agreement. Just a few weeks before this came to light, the high court in London has ruled in favor of SAP against Diageo, another large brewer with a similar claim for approximately £54 million pounds. Both claims are related to a license term named “Indirect Access”, where SAP views that users that ‘indirectly benefits’ from any SAP solution, regardless whether they each have a user account within the SAP solution, needs to be licensed.

Your organization may be exposed to the same license compliance risk if it any of the below applies – Deploys any SAP solutions – Integrates SAP systems with other SAP or third-party applications – Allows external user access – Allows user to access data within SAP via an integrated application Top Learning Objectives from the Webinar: – Understand of the concept of SAP Indirect Access – Learn to assess your organization’s current Indirect Access Risk (IAR) level – Learn potential options to remediate IAR

During this Webinar we break down the risks of SAP Indirect Access and explain how you can be proactive to fix any gaps before SAP comes looking for a settlement.

Link to the slide deck:  Get the Slide Deck

Link to the SAP White paper: Get the Whitepaper

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