Microsoft Windows Server 2016. Are you Prepared?

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Microsoft Windows Server 2016 has been available for a while and will have an impact on your licensing costs and models.   To help understand what has changed I had the opportunity to speak with our senior analyst Danny Bedard.  Danny lives and breathes software licensing and spent several years working at Microsoft in licensing related

Beware the Smaller Predatory Software Vendors

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When our clients are concerned about software audits they are usually worried about the same big software vendors such as Microsoft and Oracle. This is very logical and there is good reason for them to be concerned about these big vendors. What we are starting to see is a shift in the software industry as

Office 365 Reporting – Simple and Insightful Licensing & Usage Reports… or Lack Thereof

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Are you responsible for managing and budgeting your organization’s Microsoft Office 365 footprint?  If so, have you ever found yourself looking for a report, any report, that will help you understand what Office 365 products your organization has subscribed, deployed and are actively being used by each licensed user?  Although the new Office 365 Portal

Microsoft Audit: 10 Powerful Tips to help you take back control

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If you have ever been involved in any aspect of enterprise licensing for your company, you may have faced the uncomfortable reality of the Microsoft Audit. Not only can the Microsoft Audit process seem extremely invasive, it also requires a huge amount of your resources’ time and energy. The fact of the matter is, Microsoft

Office 365 Decision Model – The Only Tool You Need

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Office 365 is one of the first things our clients mention when they talk to us.  Its one of the top concerns or challenges that they have and one of the common things that we hear from them is that they are tired of purchasing software or services that they never use.  In the world

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