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Method 180 is an independent consulting firm that specializes in negotiating Microsoft licensing contracts,
SAM engagements and audits.


Negotiate A Microsoft Contract
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Method 180 is the leading independent consulting firm that specializes in helping our clients decrease costs when negotiating Microsoft EA Agreements, SAM Assessment or Microsoft Audits. Most companies find Microsoft licensing to be complicated and confusing. Method 180 translates the various Microsoft Licensing programs and their Product Use Rights into simplified terms that align to your business requirements and saves you money.

Being Audited or Engaged in a SAM?
Save Money, Avoid Stress

Software audits cannot be addressed solely with automated tools or scripts run by auditors. Your deployments are unique and the license terms and Product Use Rights associated with your use of Microsoft products needs to be mapped to your deployments. Method 180 reviews your deployments, contracts, terms & conditions and utilizes our unique experience to ensure your license use is optimized and any licensing gaps are decreased

Purchasing Oracle Licenses?

Save Money Right now book a free consultation.  Method 180 is a Gold Certified Oracle Licensing resale partner. Through our many years of experience we are able to assist clients with purchasing their Oracle Licenses. Our capabilities to develop business cases extends beyond Microsoft to our Oracle resale business. We are able to help you review your Oracle license requirements to build creative solutions to your Oracle technology needs.

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  • “Method 180 saved our organization millions of dollars”

    J. KotsopoulosVP IT Financial Services Organization
  • “The negotiation unfolded exactly the way Method 180 told us it would months before – Thank you!”

    G. BeechCIO Manufacturing Company
  • “We knew our licensing compliance gap wasn’t as big as Microsoft said. Without Method 180 we would not have been able to prove it.”

    S. CiaramellaVP Business Development
  • The most valuable piece of advice I have ever received.

    T. SmithDirector Infrastructure Hospital System

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